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The Past

When I look back to the past I had,

I see those pains because ofy mistakes.

And because of that, it makes my heart break,

When it btings back in my mind, I feel sad.

Wish that we’ll be together like we’ve had,

Hope that no more heartbreak, no more heart ache,

Hope you’ll come back and your love is not fake,

So that someday both of us will be glad.
But now I decided to forget you,

Even though it’s very painful to me.

I hope I can find someone better that you,

And you’ll find someone better than me too?

And accept the fact were not meant to be.

I will let you go because I love you.

Beauty of nature

In the womb of my dearest loving mom

I came out and watch the world

Feel the beauty even my eyes is blurred

As I came out, I feel my freedom

That God will guide the world and he will come

To give his command and special word

And to help our mind not to become  curled

To know ourselves that were are we came from
Let us altogether unite and share

Hands to hands, sisters to brothers let’s tell

That world is the beautiful gift of God

Let’s help each other like we always care

And so the things around us very well

To the people in this world will be glad.


You’re like a sunshine’s that waking me up.

Warmness and majestic of the sunlight,

That is smilingly hugging me up.

And it seems like you’re making my day bright.
Lovely sunrise of the sun in the east

Lovely smile that you’re wearing in your face

Perfect sunset of the sun in the west

You’re flawless flowering thing in my vase.
But the sunshines of the sun will never fade

It will not loss freshness nor vanish

You can’t even use this as a trade

All you can do is to have a good wish
In the surroundings only you I saw

Seeing you, I want to follow God’s law.